Saturday, March 31, 2012

NOC NOC Who's there? Not as many as you thought....

Sad but generally unsurprising news from the UK, where it seems that the latest installment of austerity means another round of scientists losing their jobs, including up to 15 (out of 45) at the small lab where we used to work.

Mind you, I wonder what on earth NOC was doing with a 35-strong (or more?) "Directorate of Science and Technology" in the first place! Sounds like someone might have been building themselves a little empire there...which brings back memories of our time there.

Over here, the approach is one of salary cuts all round, which from our point of view seems preferable, though it may not be so good for those on a tight budget. Although we are not officially civil servants, I think this is going to apply to us, on top of JAMSTEC's recent disgraceful behaviour. But this additional cut is not actually JAMSTEC's doing and given events of the past year, it would be difficult to complain too bitterly. It's not like they are cutting our pay down to UK levels :-)

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