Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[jules' pics] Political Incorrectness Gone Mad

May all JAMSTEC's pathetic middle management, who have used us to bolster their own careers, be swept away.
North Shore, Pipeline

North Shore, Pipeline

Hopefully the sweeping away will not be actually due to physical waves, but instead there will be a revolution in Japanese so called "science", and they will start fostering scientific development, new ideas, even perhaps climate science.

North Shore

Yes... James forced me to sign my abusive (and illegal - in Europe) contract - he says we can leave whenever we want. Hmph. I might have already reached the limit of working hard to make other people look good. I'd rather stay home and sew up my fabric stash. He says I would get bored quickly and that he would have noone to help him pedal to work (and, of course, tell him what work to do...).

[photos are from the North Shore of Oahu, where, for the first time in living memory (or rather the 7 years that our guide, Oli, has been resident) there were no surfers out. However, as a former wave modeller, I've long wanted to see the famous nonlinear interactions caused by the offshore coral reefs around Hawai'i, so I was absolutely delighted with the show, and would very much like to return to inspect some of the other beaches.]

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SCM said...

I'm delurking to offer my commiserations on your suffering under the yoke of Japanese scientific bureaucracy.
I do enjoy your blog and photos, and I hope things improve for you both in the future.

EliRabett said...

Ms. Rabett's solution is stash enhancement. Of course she has expanded from cross-stitch to counted cross-stich to knitting. Diversification has its virtues

guthrie said...

That's a shame, hopefully things will improve.

I wish to complain though, there is no photo of a fabric stash at that url. Although your sewing projects are impressive, I feel it would be enhanced by a photograph of the rolls of fabric waiting to be used for some special project or other.

jules said...

I think Mrs Bunny's solution is not sustainable. Personally I would find it stressful to let one's stash grow too obviously beyond one's remaining lifetime of stitches. Of course it may already be there, but it is to some extent contained by the unAmerican size of our house. I think perhaps I should take the attitude that it cannot be shipped out of Japan so I must sew it up here. That would surely entail taking at least a year off work before departing.

guthrie - no, you only get to see finished articles. Stashes themselves are not to be admired. Therein lies the way to the evil of fabric collection for the sake of it.

EliRabett said...

Given finite lifetimes and the availability of self storage facilities, Ms. Bunny just sits there chuckling. . . :)

Robert said...

The way you captured the mist coming of the wave in the first picture is wonderful. It looks almost like a ghost wave coming in from behind.

guthrie said...

That is a most sensible approach.

I do medieval and tudor re-enactment, and know lots of people with large fabric stashes who are just waiting for the time to get around to doing that Henrician gown they have always wanted to have...