Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Narrow Road to the Disaster Zone

People may find this BBC Radio program interesting - I did, anyway. One of the interviewees (Yannick) was someone who went up to Ishinomaki with us for our first week of volunteering, and apparently has stayed there thereafter, though with a different organisation. The narrator also went to some of the fishing village areas that we mostly worked at. Good to hear that they are making progress. I'm currently feeling strangely tempted to go and spend a month or 6 there...

Shame about the silly radiation hype that infected the program - the ~10 µSv per hour that the narrator was panicking about is nothing at all to worry about on a short-term basis, and is in fact of a similar magnitude to the continuous radiation limit for nuclear power workers. 10 µSv per day is typical background. 

I think you've got about a week left to listen.

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