Friday, March 09, 2012

[jules' pics] Wildlife

I think I know this one.
Egret! What was weird was the way it was wading through the grass creeping up on and stabbing nuts that had fallen from the trees.

But what are these?


This one I Googled easily
Red crested cardinal
Red-Crested Cardinal imported from South America.

Later on it rained so much that all the birds flew away and these were swimming past the hotel window.
Jelly fish.

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Helen Annan said...

White rump sharma and common mynah ... I bought a bird book when I was there because there were so many beautiful exotics I didn't know.

'egrets ... I've had a few ....but then again ...'

andrewt said...

Yep a very handsome male White-rumped Shama. You see them in cages in SE Asia markets - and hear them too they have a lovely song.

The egret is a non-breeding Cattle Egret.

I don't how you got such a beautiful pic of the jellyfish but its Phyllorhiza punctata - native around here but like all 3 birds introduced to Hawaii probably in ballast water. They are a nice jellyfish to handle and let kids touch the bell

jules said...

The jelly fish - I lied - it was not actually swimming past our hotel window during the rainstorm! Instead it was bobbing about in the aquarium, where the workshop buffet was held. It was photographed with my Sony TX10, using one of the multi-shot modes - probably AntiMotionBlur rather than HandHeldTwiglet. What both modes do is take about 6 high iso shots and average them together, with the former opting for higher shutter speed (and maybe producing slight less high contrast jpeg?). ALthough small and waterproof, overall it is quite an irritating little camera. I think that overall I preferred the TX5, which got broken volunteering last year.

andrewt said...

Just bought a Tx10 competitor, the Nikon AW100 , which so far I like but it doesn't have any image-stacking modes and haven't tried any low light stuff.

jules said...

I wouldn't buy a compact camera that couldn't do image stacking. The sensors are too tiny, requiring perfect light (ie cloudy-bright) to get anything half decent.

I wonder if the NEX7 is any fun. It has all the Sony multi-image modes plus a great sensor!

Callan Bentley said...

The first one specifically is a Cattle egret, Bubulcus ibis.

James Annan said...

Ah, "dry grassy habitat" (from wikipedia) sounds right, based on what we saw. I think we generally see the "little egret" in Japan. As an indication of my (lack of) twitchiness, I didn't even realise the beak colour was different until I just checked now.

andrewt said...

I've improved wiki - Cattle Egret are thriving because they exploit drier habitats like farmland but they do feed in very wet habitats. Habitat is no help with ID - you can see Little Egret standing next to cows. But range is if you are somewhere like Hawaii.

Neven said...

The white rump sharma look a bit like a male black redstart, also known as Kuro-joubitaki in Japan.

We have one of those in our backyard. Very cute birds.