Monday, March 26, 2012

[jules' pics] Let's Park Too

James said that people would think I was exaggerating about Sunday morning hobby parking of weird cars outside Starbucks on Motomachi Street, Yokohama, so I've been keeping up surveillance. I know a few dog breeds, but my car breed knowledge is more of the "that's a red one" kind.
Feb 26th:
Black and silver, with big ears and curly bits, which I also saw last Sunday driving into Kamakura as we were riding out. Cocker Spaniel.
Motomachi Cars

A flat white one with a funny shaped nose. Bull Terrier.
Motomachi Cars

A little red one with a white spot. Chihuahua. Also seen in central Kamakura, last Monday.
Motomachi Cars

Mar 19th:
Shiny black, obviously a Flat-coated Retriever. Not sure why they've painted its toes orange.
black and orange

Mar 25th:
Very white. A Samoyed.
white and red

I'm not sure whether it is the miniature schnauzer that is the small and grey and hairy breed that is very popular here.
I think this one is cute, but I suspect it eats a lot?

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David B. Benson said...

The first one is surely a kit that one drapes over a standard car chassis.

James Annan said...

It seems to be a Caterham Super 7 (Lotus 7 kit copy).

Rattus Norvegicus said...

The first one could very well be a Caterham, however, they are bit more than a kit car (they do sponsor an F1 team this year). Next is an XKE. After that an Austin Healey Sprite. Don't know what the drop-top with the orange toenails is, but the last two are computer controlled Teutonic monstrosities. Some company called "Porsche" or something like that...

dave said...

Wot no culture here?

The first does indeed seem to be a Caterham, but it is of course a reincarnation of the classic Lotus 7, star of the opening sequence of The Prisoner. Or maybe co-star.

The second is the classic E-Type Jaguar, or nearly the classic one as it's the Series II which has those cheapo headlights instead of proper faired in ones featured in the Series I. Ancient joke: what's orange and comes out of the ground at 120 mph? An E-Type Carrot.

The third is the bug-eye or frogeye Sprite, the Austin-Healey Sprite from 1958 to 1961. A great looking car, if not perhaps very fast. The alloy wheels are anachronistic, and it didn't originally have the roll-over bar, so either modified or a retro recreation.

Dunno about the fourth, and the Porsche's are modern and not so interesting. The original 911s in the 1960s were nicer.

Vinny Burgoo said...

My uncle, Shakespeare Burgoo, designed one of the above. We're all very proud of him.

James Annan said...

Vinny, then why is the google silent on the matter? Surely Shakespeare Burgoo deserves a wikipedia page.

Based on vague googling, the orange wheeled one may be a Honda S2000 with ASM trim.

And thanks all for the negative comments about the Porches - jules was thinking of buying a Boxster (last one) to cheer herself up :-)

dave said...

Is "not so interesting" really a negative comment?

The Porsches are modern cars, with all the benefits of reliability and efficiency. The frogeye Sprite is a favourite of mine, but at least in the dampish climate here it would be a nightmare to own and maintain, as well as being uncomfortable and unsafe by today's standards. The Caerham is probably well built, but remains a racing machine with minimal concessions to practical use.

So in practice the modern Porche is probably the machine to own, but lacks the impractical romance of the '60s (and the dodgy Lucas electrics of that era).

Vinny Burgoo said...

Burgoo isn't Shakespeare's maiden name. Something like that, anyway.
I forget the details.