Monday, March 05, 2012

[jules' pics] Oahu touristing

We had some free time today so went on the tourist walk to see Manoa Falls. On the way up the falls were flowing quite enthusiastically,
Manoa Falls

but then the rains really started. By the time we passed the falls on the way back there was water flying in all directions off the cliff. Unfortunately the waterproof camera was stuck in the depths of James' rucksack, so I didn't try a water immersion shot. Meanwhile, the unwaterproof camera was starting to explore new artistic directions...
Manoa Falls walk

Manoa Falls walk

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Anne said...

That last one is SO GREEN! In Minnesota we experience something called green out in the spring, where we all get a little euphoric and run around saying, "It is so green! Look at how green it is!"

Carrick said...

Beautiful. I love Hawaii. If you get a chance sometime, explore the mountains on the northwest corner of Oahu. There is a trail near a glider port that takes you up on top, and from there it's a quite breath-taking walk.

James Annan said...

Well, we had rather little spare time, and the free days had rather a lot of rain - about a foot in total! We did manage to see a few nice bits though.

Carrick said...

James" Well, we had rather little spare time, and the free days had rather a lot of rain - about a foot in total "

Something to keep in mind --- ne of the cool thing about islands is you can usually find a side where it's not raining.

You should also b*tch slap Gavin for not building in some down time. It's completely silly to have a conference in a nice spot like this and not give people a bit of a chance to take it all in. (I like taking off with other conference members, gives us a chance to have some one-on-one conversation.)

James Annan said...

To be fair it was only a 3 day meeting, and the last afternoon was potentially free depending on interests. Plus, people staying on had a free day before the CMIP meeting. It wasn't really the schedule so much as the weather that was the problem!