Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Law of unintended consequences

One nice side-effect of our recent running habit is the ability (or perhaps willingness) to jog along the Embarcadero on a sunny morning to the excellent Chestnut Street bakery for breakfast.

Today is a bit of a thin day for both of us content-wise, and we've learnt from bitter experience that attempting 5 full 10h days is not really sustainable, so we took the opportunity for a leisurely start to the day. Amazingly after the disaster that was Denver, we've not had any jetlag problems at all this time, just 3 good nights of sleep. Oh, and a lovely Chinese dinner, German-style pork chop, Thai dinner, and assorted snacks and breakfasts. We even found decent coffee for the first time in three trips (a recommendation from Rob who used to live here).

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