Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[jules' pics] Which continent?

Another of jules' brain teasers. One of these cappuccinos was made in Kamakura and the other in San Francisco. Which is which?
And which one tasted the best?

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Steve Bloom said...

The lower photo has to be the Japanese one. An expression like that would be considered "dorky" in the U.S. The snack isn't very American-looking also.

Now watch me be wrong. :)

I think you gave away the better taste answer in a previous post.

P. Lewis said...

Well, if the face doesn't give it away, then the tags on the Flickr page certainly do. Fancy leaving "USA" in!

And as Steve wrote: "you gave away the better taste answer in a previous post".

Personally, I much prefer this beverage... or maybe even this one, especially if you like the "espresso" aroma :-)

jules said...

It's a ruse to make you visit my flickr stream.

jules said...


Yes, the bottom one was made in Kamakura. What a lovely welcome home it was to see a smiley face in my coffee.

However, Steve ought not to have known which tasted best. Neither of these were hogwash. I thought it was obvious that both of these are proper cappuccinos of the Italian rather than American style, so both have a chance of being good.

But Steve is right - the Americans messed up! The top cappuccino is from the fancy Blue bootle cafe in San Francisco that I already blogged about. The mistake they made was putting a strong double-shot into a single cappuccino sized cup. The result was horrid! And, curiously, the Kamakura one was more reminiscent of Italy...

Rattus Norvegicus said...

Is that a cross between Hello Kitty and a pekingese? I would find such a visage staring up at me from my first cuppa in the morning truly terrifying.

But then I like my coffee black, like my humor...