Friday, December 02, 2011

Another IPCC whitewash

Typical, isn't it?

They set up a so-called "investigation" and having failed to even interview the relevant people, find "no evidence of a criminal offence". Well, there's a surprise for you. In tomorrow's news, maybe we will hear that turkeys did not vote in support of the celebration of Christmas (shh, but don't tell the ducks, cos I already ordered one of those).

Oh, and the report is being kept secret for now, under the IPCC's longstanding "openness" policy (to be fair, they do say they will publish it in 2012).

Yet more evidence (if any were needed after this) that a thorough reform is needed.

Further details here.


guthrie said...

This sort of thing is always tricky. As the son and grandson of policemen, I know that there are incompetent morons wearing uniform. INdeed, you only need to look at the protests and riots of the last year to see what can go wrong. But in this case it's more than a little hard to see what sort of motive there would be for murder, let alone how you'd do it that way and expect to get away with it. Within the police the IPCC has a reputation for stomping on any little thing they can find, combined with a general cluelessness about how to carry out an investigation or speak to the public.
It would be interesting to know if they found anything during the search of the house. Again, if they wanted to fit him up for drugs charges that would be pretty easy, there certainly would be no need to actually murder him.

crandles said...

>"having failed to even interview"

Quote:"They also question why the officer at the time of Emmanuel's death refused a direct request by the IPCC's lead investigator to give a formal interview."

They can refuse a direct request for an interview without the IPCC being able to draw inferences or compel attendance?

Not had a formal interview may not be the same as no commumication at all.

>"it's more than a little hard to see what sort of motive there would be for murder, let alone how you'd do it that way and expect to get away with it."

Maybe thats a reason for expecting to find manslaughter rather than murder. Even so, reason to draw inferences towards manslaughter and no formal interview?

(Behaviour of rugby players and managers is evidence that reform of police investigations is needed. Hmmm strange evidence or different link intended?)

James Annan said...

Guthrie, I hope you parents and grandparents don't follow this blog :-)

Chris, you expect consistency? But it's a scandal!

guthrie said...

Oh yes, you could read it that way. OOps. After hearing various stories of my fathers 30 years in uniform, and of course watching the news, my statement is still correct.

Jon Frankis said...

Prima facie pretty appalling that a guy handcuffed and in police hands dies of a stab wound to the heart. But I'm really commenting here to plead that you correct the grammar of your excellent blog motto viz: "... it has been ...". Please - this sh*t is important!

James Annan said...

Dear Grammar Nazi, if it has been widely attributed to Newton in roughly that form, that is good enough for me. Ooops, that has been good enough for me. Oh, never mind.


I saw "off of" written on a poster yesterday. Ugh.

Carl C said...

is it just me that sees "Another IPCC Whitewash" and thinks they are on the "Climate Audit" site? ;-)

Jon Frankis said...

I feel this post and its title may have been designed as something of a "honey trap" for denialists, Carl :)

On a note not unrelated to the important issue of grammar pedantry, you might enjoy some hilariously bad (intentionally so) similes, and some of the reader comments: