Tuesday, December 06, 2011

[jules' pics] AGU Day 1

The day began with a chemistry experiment...
Siphon Coffee in San Francisco
on thin films and rainbows...
Coffee slick
Apparently this is called siphon coffee. It was nice but the music was a bit dystopian, which probably wasn't good for the jet lag. The rest of the day was much as expected and involved science and stuff. The "stuff" being the highly entertaining late afternoon philosophy session. 

Can't find any must-see talks to go to tomorrow, so hoping for another sunny morning...
Cliff House, San Francsico
and a walk round the posters in the afternoon.

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Steve Bloom said...

Dress warmly! Often if it's sunny early at the beach it means a stiff breeze all the from Kamakura.

Steve Bloom said...