Monday, December 12, 2011

[jules' pics] It's not the camera...'s the lens.

Recently my victims have been complaining about the size of my camera. I thought this may be because cameras are shrinking, but whatever the reason, a frightened victim does not make for good pictures. At the AGU I tried an experiment and took 3 little prime lenses along with my "enormous" DSLR camera body. Not a single one of my victims flinched, most didn't notice they were being photographed, but some of them actually smiled!

Harry Elderfield
Harry Elderfield being Keynotey. Harry has a calm soothing voice, the room was dark and it was Monday morning, but I read later on some blog that he gave a good talk. Actually I only slept through the review part of his talk, and woke up for the newer work part of his talk, which was interesting.

Americans "like comparing Apples and Oranges", but I find this phrase extremely irritating. At least Mark Boslough knows which he prefers.

Donald Lucas explains his poster to 2 interested people. This is atypical. AGU poster sessions are mostly crap.

A geologist...I suppose. They all have beards don't they? He reads his newspaper under the table like it was shameful, because he is the only person in the room without an electronic gizmo in front of him.

At beer o'clock on the 3rd floor of Moscone West, the light gets nice. I don't know any of these people, but it was apparent that most of them also prefer Apples.

She looks a bit dubious about his dodgy results.

Behind her is the queue for the beer!

She's got no beer so I suppose that's gin in her flask. At least it matches her Apple.

A real scientific discussion finishes with a smile.

Andy Ridgwell, the one person at the AGU worth photographing... but he can be quite elusive. Still, nice of him to pick a t-shirt to match his eyes. The T-shirt says "Are your cats old enough to learn about Jesus?"

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Nick Barnes said...

I was at college with Andy Ridgwell, back when the world was young. He hasn't changed.

admin said...

Delete "geologist", insert "glaciologist".

Indeed, this glaciologist...

Steve Bloom said...

Dunno. Haz got cheesburger?

James Annan said...

Ah, that glaciologist. Just shows how well informed we are (not).

Hank Roberts said...

> cameras are shrinking

How long before you wear a lens on each ring finger and one on your tie tack or eyeglasses, and have a long baseline array for snapshots, all computermagicked to assemble images?

jules said...

And therein lies the question - at what point does one jump on the bandwagon and buy one of these small miracles? Despite tsunamis and floods, amazing new cameras have been made in 2011. My impression is that the rate of technological advance is so fast that it is always worth waiting another 6 months -- like how it was with computers in the 1990s.

At least with the wonderous 2nd hand market in Japan I wouldn't have to pay the early adopter tax.