Sunday, January 03, 2010

Posts of the year

Seems like the meme du jour is to not bother blogging anything new but just to repost something the readers have already seen. So without further ado, I make no claim to these being the "best", but they are probably the ones I most enjoyed writing. My list goes up to 13 of course. Hope you enjoy reading them as you pretend to get back to work on Monday morning :-)

Corbynwatch 2008: The Verdict. I see there a brief reference to a 2009 forecast, and the provisional figures suggest that Corbyn got that wrong too - it looks likely to be the 5th warmest year on record.

Hansen's El Nino forecast reprised. Hansen gets it right, Pielke gets it wrong. Same old same old.

Out of court settlement in Pinder v Fox? After a long struggle, Russ gets his just desserts (perhaps).

Reduced sickness in commuter cyclists. On your bike, cagers.

Ignobel research on disease transmission. Japanese schoolchildren weaponise the swine 'flu.

Shorter UK Climate Projections. Does what it says on the tin.

Spend for the planet! Japanomics at its best.

More on that ENSO nonsense. This story has some way still to run...

Uniform prior: dead at last! Better late than never.

Bankers "have learned lessons". The bonkers bail-out. What a wunch they are...

Successful writer/call girl/blogger a scientist.

UKMO agrees with me. Looks like they might get a long-term prediction right at last :-)

The last word.

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