Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We're popular :-)

I would say I'm pleased to see lots of people are reading it, but of course the data only shows that they were tempted into downloading it based on the teasing title and abstract, and they may either not have read it or been thoroughly disappointed by the main text.

Geophysical Research Letters - Most Popular Articles

I suppose if I really wanted to be popular, I shouldn't have put the final draft up on my web site. But the GRL version is so much better, so you ought to all go and download it anyway :-)

And before you ask, only one of the downloads was me, a copy for my personal library, honest guv...


Carl C said...

congrats, you're "beating" out "Mushy Magma Beneath Yellowstone". I hope this leads to more multi or intra-model comparisons; it seems many groups are pretty insular and just like to stick with their own preferred model (just my observation).

William M. Connolley said...

Ah, but are you as popular as "no global cooling"?

James Annan said...

BAMS is free innit? Not fair! Anyway that's the difference between real science and popular journalism - how does your readership compare to the Daily Wail? :-)

I'm sure we'll not spend long in the charts - it's just there wasn't much else out last week.