Thursday, January 07, 2010

We have contact!

Since Hank asked, and I've not seen anyone else doing it, here's some translation of what I can make out from the Japanese video (starting about 23s in)

"hai, tadaima sesshoku"
"We have contact"
"AG-go o honsen no mae tskukimashite, AG-go sesshoku shimashita"
"The AG appeared in front of us, we made contact"
"AG-go o honsen no mae detekimashita, AG-go sesshoku shimashita"
"The AG came out in front of us, we made contact"
[something a bit unclear, maybe "honsen o butsuk-" = "They hit our ship", cut off part way through when he realised how silly that is]
"Koukou o jama shimashite, AG-go sesshoku shimashita"
"There was an intrusion into our path, we hit the AG."

I think. My Japanese is pretty awful though so you have been warned!

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Hank Roberts said...

Hm, now that sounds like one half of a radio/telephone conversation to me. I wonder who was talking, and who he was talking to.

From the other coverage, I gather this little carbon-fiber boat they ran over had just arrived on the scene, and was the only boat fast enough to get out in front of the small fast whaling boats that are used to pursue the whales and shoot them, and was being used to chase the whales off or get them to dive.

It could actually chase away the whales, before the whalers could get to them (as opposed to just bothering the whalers while they worked).

No wonder they wanted contact.