Thursday, January 21, 2010

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Inspire the Next, originally uploaded by julesberry2001.

In order get in the wimminly frame of mind for the upcoming wimmin's conference, here is our latest effort to support the J-economy; a new washing machine. Some on the internets complain that the Japanese put many complicated and unnecessary functions into cameras. I think it is a valid criticism but applies to everything, not just cameras. It is quite odd, and perhaps displays a disconnect between companies and consumers - the companies seem to incorporate stuff, just because they can. Hence - I love my Mac. I just need to work out how to get a boot prompt, and then I can see how fast it will run MIROC. Perhaps I could hack the local wifi networks and create a Beowulf Cluster of washing machines? Gosh - it's such fun doing wimminly stuff!

["inspire the next" is Hitachi's motto in Japan]

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crandles said...

Will have to make the standard answer to all the folk who want to run CPDN on their GPU that

'The developers are working on this first.' ;o)