Thursday, October 27, 2011


Woke up in plenty of time this morning, but after several days here I have forgotten what it feels like to be hungry (or even slightly peckish) so we didn't even bother with breakfast.

The plenaries contained summaries of various observational data sets, specifically those relating to atmosphere, ocean and hydrology. Susan Wijffels seemed a little concerned that consensus had not yet been reached between several ocean data analysis efforts, but Peter Thorne made the counter-comment (with which I agree) that a diversity of approaches was a good thing to ensure robustness.

The poster session was before lunch, and I was defending the work I've been doing on last millennial temperature reconstructions - still unfinished, but after some interesting discussions I'm feeling sufficiently motivated to get it done soon. After lunch, there were updates on various reanalysis efforts, most of which seem to be (in contrast to the previous day's decadal prediction efforts) making great strides in both methods and data recovery. Peter Thorne tried his BEST to falsify my earlier prediction with a subtle reference to Muller :-) but nobody seemed to take the bait. The remainder of the session seemed a little technical and irrelevant so after a tea-time game of battleships with Gavin I gave up and went to the gym instead.


PeterThorne said...

If you are name checked twice does it make it compulsory to post a comment?

James Annan said...

I heard that's the rule :-)