Thursday, October 27, 2011

[jules' pics] Art

The conference gay-la (which, surprisingly, is how the funny Amercians pronounce gala) was last night, at the art museum. Snowy Denver seemed just as artistic as the actual exhibits in the museum. The gay-la itself was as gay as you could reasonably hope a party of 2000 dweebs could be(*), but we made the evening even gayer by going back to the bar with many beers after returning from the museum. We seem to have given up on attempting to sleep properly ... perhaps it is better to not to try to adjust to Denver time, since we are going home in a couple of days anyway.
(*The EGU conveners party is definitely gayer, but tends to be ruined by smokers.)

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Steve Easterbrook said...

I wandered around the Art Gallery looking for art I liked, and I only found one piece that in any way made me stop and think, and regret not bringing my camera. It's the one you captured here - so thanks!