Wednesday, October 19, 2011

[jules' pics] Descending Yarigatake - Day 3

Dawn dawned clear at the hut near the top of Yari.

It was interesting the way the sun apparently rose through the clouds behind Jounendake, and yet the mountain was clear. It is only one or two hundred metres lower than the hut on Yari.

Pond and Yari
The sky became startlingly blue so we visited the Tengu Ike again on the way down, adding an extra hour and a half to the trip.
James in the mountains
A pause on the way down.
autumn coloursAlthough the autumn colours were less vivid than usual, the tatty leaves and muted colours were atmospheric.

Tree and mountains

Down from the mountain and only 8km of forest path to go... Feet washing in the icy Azusa river.

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