Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Well duh

I'm not really sure how this qualifies as being newsworthy:

Science graduates 'should move abroad'

Science graduates should look for work abroad because funding cuts mean finding work in Britain is too hard, two of the country’s leading scientists have claimed.

Doesn't really take a rocket scientist - or even an astrophysicist and sheep-cloner - to work that out.

We have occasionally considered options for returning to the UK - not least because the funding situation here is a bit precarious right now (but only because of a poorly-timed tsunami and nuclear meltdown just when the grant needs renewed, not as a matter of long-term policy). But the combination of a massive pay cut plus the need to actually work for a living has so far dissuaded us :-) Last summer reminded us of what we had got away from, though we enjoyed the visit itself immensely (not just because of the punting).

Anyway, it has long been my opinion that all scientists should spend time overseas if at all possible, as a matter of policy. Even Japan has plenty of opportunities at the moment in many areas.


Anonymous said...

"Even Japan has plenty of opportunities at the moment in many areas."

If you hear of any that would suit a Physics Graduate with a Doc. in Engineering (and 10 years out of sight of academia) let me know!

James Annan said...

I get this newsletter by email which usually has a list of openings.

Anonymous said...

Cheers James,

that goes on my regular reading list.

guthrie said...

The government is doing its best to destroy the universities further, after the effects of managerialism and underfunding have taken their toll.