Thursday, August 25, 2011

[jules' pics] The young duds

Daibutsu fashion

There was a request to know what the young duds are wearing. Or something. Well here you go. All these were taken at the Daibutsu in Kamakura.

At the Daibutsu

Daibutsu fashion

At the daibutsu

Stupid T-shirts are still very popular:
Daibutsu fashion

A not quite so young dud:
man posing

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Hugh said...

What exactly is a Dud Jules, is it like a NEET, or something more along the lines of a Dude, but without the chemical enhancement?


jules said...

Dunno. Ask David Benson who asked "For example, what are new wave young Japanese summer time duds (wraps, clothes)?". I really have to explain... Oh OK:
I always thought "dud" meant something that doesn't work or that is disappointing. For example, when you buy 3rd party electronics from Hong King, sometimes you get a dud. Thus I find shortening "dude" to "dud" mildly amusing, cos dudes think they are cool, but most people think they are duds. But David Benson seems to think "dud" applies to clothing. That's not a usage that's familiar to me, hence my deliberate misunderstanding of his request for duds... I do not mean to imply anything negative about all the lovely people visiting the Daibutsu... but, I'm not very in tune with Japanese fashion so I wouldn't know who are the dudes and who the duds.


Anonymous said...

Duds, from the OED: "Forms: Chiefly pl. duds. Also ME–16 dudde.
Etymology: Origin unknown.
colloq. and dial.
a. †An article of clothing, a coarse cloak (obs.). Usually (now always) pl. = Clothes. (slang or colloq. depreciatory or humorous).
14.. in T. Wright & R. P. W├╝lcker Anglo-Saxon & Old Eng. Vocab. (1884) I. 568 Birrus vel Birrum, i. grossum vestimentum, a dudde.
c1440 Promp. Parv. 134/2 Dudde, clothe, amphibilus.
1567 T. Harman Caueat for Commen Cursetors (new ed.) sig. Giiiiv, We wyll fylche some duddes.
a1605 A. Montgomerie Flyting with Polwart 345 When thy duddes are bedirtten.
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?a1786 R. Burns Poems & Songs (1968) I. 207 They toom'd their pocks, they pawn'd their duds.
1831 Scott Jrnl. 5 Mar. (1946) 148, I promise to shake my duds and give them a cast of my calling.
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1866 H. B. Stowe Little Foxes 26 Girls knit away small fortunes‥on little duds that do nobody any good.
1881 Trollope Marian Fay iii. (Farmer), To see her children washed and put in and out of their duds.
a1529 J. Skelton Against Garnesche iii. 46 in Poet Wks. (1843) I. 121 In dud frese ye war schrynyd With better frese lynyd.

Anonymous said...

The other usage is quite a lot more recent:

4. A counterfeit thing, as a bad coin, a dishonoured cheque; in the war of 1914–18 applied spec. to an explosive shell that failed to explode; hence (cf., however, sense 3) applied contemptuously to any useless or inefficient person or thing. (Cf. dud adj.)
1897 Daily News 14 Jan. 2/2 He admitted that he knew that he ought not to have sold the piracies, and that such works were known as ‘Duds’.
1908 Westm. Gaz. 28 Jan. 4/1 Gambling with ‘Duds’.‥ A ‘dud’ car is a worthless contraption, which‥has arrived at a stage when it would be dear at any price.
1908 Captain Apr. 23/2 We want talent, not duds.
1915 Blackwood's Mag. Feb. 141 Our weary hearts rejoice When Silent Susan sends us down a dud!
1915 ‘Boyd Cable’ Between Lines 254 One of these [shells] was a dud an' didn't burst.
1920 Punch 1 Sept. 168/1 He‥has‥been irritated by his school-boy son derisively addressing him as an ‘old dud’.
1923 Public Opinion 30 Nov. 531/1 All the torpedoes they carry are duds.
1928 J. Galsworthy Swan Song iii. xvi. 345 It's when you don't understand that you feel such a dud.
1951 R. Graves Poems & Satires 39 An expert on shell-fish, otherwise a dud.

David B. Benson said...

Them's dudes in duds donchano?

Robert said...

Dud has more than one meaning including clothing and something that doesn't work (as in, that "firework was a dud"). What I don't get was what the heck was that dude's tee-shirt saying. Must have been some sort of translation mix-up. Always enjoy the photos though.

jules said...

I don't write essays with my photos but assume people will look things up themselves if they want to know more. So there is also no need to quote excerpts from the dictionary, but of course if you would like to illuminate other readers who may not know how to use Google, then please carry on... :-)