Monday, August 22, 2011

[jules' pics] Beach Life

Kamakura summer beach life is in full swing. There are already plenty of surfers, even at 8am on a raining Saturday.

beach hut

Surf Rescue

A beach rescuer - just like Baywatch:

Surf Rescuer

No one seems to need rescuing though:

Saturday morning at Kamakura beach

And the ocean's a flat calm:

flat calm

Oh - here's a wave they all missed:

At Kamakura beach

But he's caught this one - surfin' a 2 inch wave!

surfing a 2 inch wave

When there are no waves, why not try all alternative sport - ocean footie - I'm not sure there's that much future in it:

ocean football?

Obligatory surfer babe:


In Kamakura there are two kinds of people, late-night beachsiders and in-bed-by-10pm mountainsiders. It seems the same is true of the pigeons. These beachsiders looked very much like they were experiencing the morning after the night before.

morning after the night before pigeons

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SCM said...

LOL! I have never seen such surfing optimism in the face of such miniscule swell.