Tuesday, August 09, 2011

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Passed this delightful venetian canal in Shibuya on the way to a symposium about how Japan is going to rebuild after the tsunami. It didn't half stink. 

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David B. Benson said...


All or nothing?

Anonymous said...

Jules, Do you know if there are any English summaries of the conference available? It'd be nice to know what paths are being planned for my home away from home.

jules said...

Oh - there are no plans at all. I have been expecting James to blog it - but perhaps it is hard to blog nothing...!
This is the website for the symposium:

Shibui said...

Japan seems to be recovering pretty well, considering the incredible geophysical battering it has endured. The government may be dithering somewhat, but with an essentially united, sympathetic populace, the outcome is guaranteed.
The same outcome, unfortunately, cannot be guaranteed for a socially divided UK...

jules said...

Ha ha. Yes, the loss of 30,000 lives in the tsunami is of course directly comparable with the ~3 lost in the riots in the UK. But really Japan does have that potential riot problem sorted - the youth are worked into the ground to such an extent that there really is no such thing as a "teenager". No time for them to get bored and rowdy as they are too busy desperately trying to get enough sleep. Like so many comparisons between Japan and "the west", one can so easily imagine a sensible middle ground!