Sunday, March 20, 2011

St God's vs St Arbucks

St God's on the Bluff may be closed for the duration but St Arbucks is still providing succour to the faithful, serving coffee and cake as usual. Kamakura is actually reasonably busy again this morning, which is an encouraging sign.

For an alternative take on what missionaries do in time of need, see this article:

What do missionaries do when their world shakes and crumbles? They continue in mission as best they can.

Thats what I thought too, but what do I know. Jules says she is considering returning to her Methodist roots!

The Wesleyan Centre is where she spent the night of the earthquake, incidentally. We have offered to stop by this afternoon if we can be of any help but to be honest I expect another couple of bodies getting in the way is the last thing they need right now.


Anonymous said...

Rationality AND Spirituality

A challenge but not a contradiction!

Recovering in the Florida Keys said...

Unfortunately, I have been through a disaster, though of MUCH smaller proportion, Hurricane Wilma. It is really amazing how everyone pulls together. Even when I had so much to deal with of my own, it was comforting to help others. I am not that spiritual, it just seems to be a nice part of human nature. Stay well.

Steve Bloom said...

But aren't all scientists (m)ethodists?

James Annan said...

There's madness in my methodism. Or is it the other way round?