Monday, March 21, 2011


Andy mentioned his flight back (on Friday) was about 75% full, so I went to check whether seats were freely available. Both BA and Virgin have seats available on all flights, you can only book at most 9 and 8 people via their respective websites so I can't say how many more seats than that they have. They aren't even expensive - BA in particular are unusually cheap, we paid almost three times as much for our trip last summer which we booked months in advance.

On the other hand, there are reportedly huge queues at immigration offices of people trying to get re-entry permits - you don't need one of these to come to and live in Japan, but without it you lose your visa on leaving the country even for a short trip. We just automatically get them along with our visa renewals anyway, there seems no reason not to for reasonably regular travellers. There have also been pictures of hordes (mostly Japanese, I assume) trying to get tickets at Narita. Presumably these people are going somewhere...

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