Thursday, March 17, 2011

[jules' pics] Monty Hall problem Part 3 - pigeon v. Professor

The food that is for sale is really meant for the big smug koi in the pond, but Kamakura is still devoid of tourists and the pigeons and ducks are clearly feeling peckish. 

Pigeon man

Whether or not they can win at the Monty Hall game, the pigeons, clean, polite, and friendly, certainly managed to win over Andy. 

pigeon stacking

The pigeon stacking game

pigeon head

Head pigeon

strutting pigeon

Happy pigeon

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takahide73 said...

Pigeon is the god's messanger of Hachiman cult ;)

Steve Bloom said...

The pigeon-on-head thing is the sort of risk-taking behavior one doesn't normally associate with someone like Andy. Hopefully he was spared from personal disaster.