Wednesday, January 16, 2013

[jules' pics] Guide to Hawaiian wildlife #4

Visiting Princeton University today. It's a theme park of large pseudo-old buildings placed in a very large field which is randomly criss-crossed by little paths. It should greatly confuse the archaeologists of the future, but at least the buildings are warm and spacious inside. However - outside it's like Manchester in November. Pizza for lunch not as good as Tokyo. So that's all the important stats for the day. I am missing all the warm, fuzzy animals of Hawaii, so will cheer myself up with these...

Native peacock - you can tell it is native cos it wasn't in a cage.
This tortoise is bigger than you think. Alternatively, this man is not a midget.
Galapagos tortoise
Having not done my bit to propagate the tufted great ape, I probably shouldn't criticise, but this bird seems to deserve a Darwin award. The notice board said something like they nuture one offspring every 5 years per group of about 20. Surprisingly, they are endangered.

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andrewt said...

Ground Hornbill are long-lived and slow-reproducing but a 1% breeding rate implies a life expectancy of 100 years for a stable population - which isn't plausible.

1 study in favourable habitat found groups of ~4 successfully fledge a chick every ~ 5 years.

They also have a wonderful call - striking at dawn if you camp where they live.