Tuesday, January 22, 2013

[jules' pics] Doing my bit to kill the planet

I hope to blog more pics from our trip later, but after so much aeroplaning (Took off Saturday morning from Newark and landed Monday afternoon in Japan), it seems like a good time for some aeroplaney photographs.

I thought this was a bit like a body plugged in to life support.
New York and United, or, as close as I got to New York.
New York United
New Jersey is as attractive from the sky as it is at ground level.
New Jerseyish
Somewhere in the middle of America.
Sunset fell as we came in to land in Honolulu
Sunset in the Pacific

PS - professional photographers like to tell people "it's not the camera, it's the photographer". This, however, is the equivalent of how Heifetz could play the Mendelssohn violin concerto beautifully on a 25 dollar mass produced violin. Never taken such respectable aerial pics before, and it is due to having had a fortunate Christmas, rather than suddenly having got good at taking pictures. Saw Gavin last week and he called my new camera both "old" and "broken", which is fine by me, as such an impression may make me less likely to be mugged. But he did also stroke it lovingly, which was quite strange, as I do that too.
So here's a new mantra to replace "all the gear, no idea":
"Got no idea, need the gear".

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David B. Benson said...

Somewhere in the middle was Wyoming:

James Annan said...

The plane won't have done a perfect great circle, but S Wyoming does look quite plausible, I think.

Steve Bloom said...

It's a model camera, then.

Steve Bloom said...

Speaking of doing one's best to kill the planet, it appears the recent touch of poor editing practice at the EGU Journals is catching. I carefully parsed the latest editorial pronouncement but was frankly unable to discern exactly where it is that the line on crankitude will be drawn, other than that if an unqualified referee can be inserted into the process and the similarly unqualified (largely anyway, as to the particular subject matter) editor and editorial committee are not certain of their own knowledge that a paper is wrong, then publish and let even more time-wastage commence!