Thursday, January 10, 2013

[jules' pics] Guide to Hawaiian wildlife #2

Not all the fluffy aminals in Hawaii are quite as cute as they first appear.
Mean turtle
"Me bite You fall me bite you fall mebiteyoufall"
Mean turtle
"Ha ha ha hee hee heeee"
Mean turtle
"Me Top Turtle Now"

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Steve Bloom said...

There seems to have been a hiccup re the third photo (the one with the gloating).

jules said...

Fixed now. It's a bit frustrating. Lightroom (which I switched to recently) has this cool feature that you can just drag pics into a kind of folder and then upload them to flickr. Problem is that if you edit the file, even as little as changing the flag or number of stars it re-uploads. While the link to the flickr page stays the same, the link to the image changes, so then I have to edit the blog post to make it reappear. A whole bunch of them did this a few days ago, and I must have put the wrong pic back in.

So there you go - more information than you ever wanted!

Steve Bloom said...

I only mentioned it 'cause it's my favorite wildlife photo ever. Forget the cute, I likes me some verisimilitude. :)