Tuesday, August 24, 2010

jules pics - robin

moultiing robin, originally uploaded by julesberry2001.

All getting very Britishy now...we don't get these back home. I suppose this might be a young robin coming into adult plumage, since it has a brown speckled head... probably blog readers know better and I looked forward to being corrected.

Having said that about the Britishness, this was shot in Kent, which is a bit of a rum place. While it seems to be about the only place in the UK which actually enjoys the kind of summers assumed in English children's books (that is the kind that is full of ripe forest fruits and golden meadows, and during which one may venture outdoors without a big jumper and a raincoat), Kent also has fleets of parakeets and big snakes!

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Steve Bloom said...

I'll have you know your readers demand fully-fledged posts and will expect them from now on. :)