Saturday, August 14, 2010

[jules' pics] 8/13/2010 09:50:00 PM

James tries to blend in, originally uploaded by julesberry2001.

As soon as we arrived James tried to blend in with some local culture. Unfortunately, despite his adopting the right attitude, people kept staring. Then we noticed, that although the streets were an array of diversity amazing to someone from the Kanto plain, inside the pub the dress code was blue jeans or else.

Thanks for complimenting London by thinking it was Paris! The other thing that is amazing to someone from the Kanto plain is the beautiful architecture, but I didn't have time to photograph any properly.

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Steve Bloom said...

Well, I considered London (really I didn't see any basis for excluding any N. Yurp big city with direct flights from Tokyo) but rejected it on the basis that the two of you would never consider a vacation in Borynge Olde Englande. Have I misunderestimated (h/t GWB) you or is there a conference involved?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

(Excuse me, I repost with correction of previous misspelling.)

Even in the Kanto plain, people would stare at a person (not a foreigner I assume) wearing this pair of slacks in a well-lighted room. We do not usually see this kind of patterns in men's modern-style wear, though we see them in women's wear or in traditional Kimono.

jules said...

You misunderstand. The amazing thing to someone from the Kanto plain was the diversity on the street outside the pub.

P. Lewis said...

It's not the clothing at issue, it's the audacity of reading the Daily Mail ... in public!

The only reasonable explanation can be that he wanted the free I-Spy book on offer.

Steve Bloom said...

The pants are obviously dazzle camouflage. As James has up til now not been eaten by a zebra predator or sunk by enemy action, we can tell it's working. It's the shirt that I wonder about.

Re the DM, probably James was riveted by the amazing post-Climategate revelations of the DM science editor that he now believes AGW is happening!