Monday, August 23, 2010

[jules' pics] 8/23/2010 05:50:00 AM

Royal Albert Hall, originally uploaded by julesberry2001.

Anonymous suggests we blog the program. So here it is.

Prom 50, 22nd August 2010:
Mozart: The Magic Flute - Overture
Bartók: Piano Concerto No.3
Bartók: Cantata profana
Haydn: Symphony No.102 in B flat major

Kamakura is an hour on the train from Tokyo, Cambridge the same from London, and just like at home, the train whizzed us effortless home from the night-time fun in the big city - well, not quite as comfortably, but it was on time.

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Dan Satterfield said...

Wonderful shot James!!

I always know that the long summer here in the SE USA is over when i listen to the last night at the proms broadcast on BBC Radio 3. (2 weeks from this Sat.)

It's a family event for us each year.

Have never been to a prom at R A Hall but have gone to a couple of great programs there.

James Annan said...

Afraid I can't be blamed for this shot - it was jules wot dun it. Since we were passing through London, the concert seemed too good a chance to miss. Neither of us had been before.

Steve Bloom said...

A few weeks ago I was teasing Stoat about blogging the Proms next following what seemed like an endless string of rowing etc. posts, so it's a relief to see that burden taken from him. Plus now he's made up for it by going after Judy Curry's latest.