Friday, April 16, 2010

Phil Jones exonerated part 2

I've been remiss in my blogging duties due to a lengthy invasion of Annans, which was due to be over today, though one straggler is still awaiting the reopening of European air space...

Anyway, here's an straightforward opener to ease myself back into the swing of things.

Phil Jones has been exonerated again, this time by Lord Oxburgh's enquiry:
The inquiry, the second of three set up in the wake of the controversy, found "absolutely no evidence of any impropriety whatsoever", according to Lord Oxburgh, who led the investigation.
That follows hard on the heels of the previous exoneration. I suppose this must prove the great climate science conspiracy is still growing! But though I am sure there are some ongoing sighs of relief that the charade is at least coming to a sane conclusion, there actually isn't anything of interest that the climate science community hasn't been saying for months if not years. See mt, Stoat and RC for more on the story. Or perhaps I should say, more on the nothing that has been turned into a story.

One minor point to highlight is that I was pleased to see Lord O explicitly draw attention to the part the Govt has played in the "culture of secrecy" though restrictive IP agreements and policies. I don't think this is necessarily a free pass for scientists, who have sometimes been a bit too possessive for my liking, but it is certainly a factor which should be recognised and taken into consideration (unlike the previous HoC investigation which didn't seem to be aware of it, or perhaps preferred to gloss over their contribution to it).

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