Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[jules' pics] 4/26/2010 08:12:00 PM

Took my ace wide-angle lens* up the mountains at the weekend, which enabled me to photograph the local architecture - mountain huts

[*Tokina 11-16mm]

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James Annan said...

And note that the wonky lines and odd angles are not lens distortion! (At least, most of them aren't.)

Steve Bloom said...

Maybe it was just a perspective issue, but that middle photo has the look of a visit to Munchkinland. You've really got to watch your clavicle with those doorways. :)

jules said...

It should have already been clear (here), that both James and his sister are taller than Mount Fuji. How then could you could expect them to fit through a normal doorway?

James Annan said...

I can confirm that in this case it was not a perspective issue and the door/person height ratio is realistic!

(The Fuji photo, on the other hand...)