Friday, April 16, 2010

On hold

Apparently, if you are in Japan, with a cancelled Air France flight to Paris on a code-share that is actually flown by Japan Air Lines, bought through a bucket shop internet travel agent (Expedia) it is completely impossible to find anyone prepared to speak English on the phone to arrange a re-booking.

Not perhaps the safest-for-work video I've ever posted - you have been warned. The wall of our semi-detached lounge is currently being knocked through into next door...

(We're not quite up to 93 hours yet, though.)

Update Email received @ 21:15 "Le vol AF271 16/04 Tokyo Paris est annulé. Please do not reply to this email." (NB the scheduled take-off time was 11:05 this morning, this is the first contact from Air France about this flight.)


David B. Benson said...

Hafta swim instead?

Chad said...

"I've been collecting butterflies for a couple of years now. My favorite part is suffocating them and sticking pins through their little bodies."

I don't know how many animals could say that and make it sound hilarious, but clearly a parrot can!