Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yokohama in 1859

This pic, via Japan Probe, is one of the oldest photos of Yokohama:

I'm not 100% sure of the orientation of the picture, but it seems to be from up on the Bluff overlooking what is now Kannai/Naka-ku and the coast. For those who don't know the history, Yokohama was a bit of a worthless swamp back then, and was chosen for the use of immigrants (being safely isolated from Tokyo) when Japan opened up to foreign trade.

The rest of Japan was not so undeveloped compared to today - Tokyo had a population of a million at this time, for example, and Kamakura was the 4th largest city in the world with a population of 200,000 way back in 1250 in its heyday as the capital.

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