Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Cool biz equals bad biz?

On the one hand, this article is a real statement of the obvious - put people in a hot and humid office and they won't work as effectively. On the other hand, the trend towards lighter and less formal clothing is certainly sensible and worth encouraging. So I'm rather in two minds about what to think of Cool Biz overall. Relevant also is this Climatic Change article about brains and stuff ("Assuming a spherical brain") which gives me a great excuse for not thinking too hard on hot days.

We have our air-con generally set about 27C, with occasional battles where one person turns it down to a more comfortable 26C and another eco-nazi turns it up to 28C. I find 27C ok so long as I don't think too hard, but I can live with that for a couple of months over the summer :-) Of course the concept of "productivity" is pretty much alien to us parasites on the public purse - we only exist to provide an excuse for the Govt to funnel money at the computing industry and perhaps to give it a bit more clout in international climate-related negotiations. We don't have to actually do anything.

Can you tell I feel the need for a holiday? Still few overt signs of summer here, but I can feel it in my bones.

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