Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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The Tokyo Daibutsu, originally uploaded by julesberry2001.

The Kamakura Daibutsu is, according to Wikipedia, an "approximately 13.35m" high bronze statue of Amida Buddha. He is located in one of the cities that has been capital of Japan over the last 1000 years and is more than 750 years old. The reason he is called The Kamakura Daibutsu is because there is another one (bigger but not as friendly looking) in one of the other old capitals, Nara. Every year lots and lots of people visit. It is possible to queue up to enter inside the statue where you can touch the cool metal and feel at one with the statue. If you gaze at the Daibutsu long enough you may become enlightened.

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Hank Roberts said...

I think you have those captions reversed (grin)

Tom C said...

He's been influenced by Mann's proxy labeling practices.

Steve Bloom said...

That boy has a distinctly Shinto look to him, is all I'll say.