Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[jules' pics] j&J's' International Tour of parts of the West of England #4


Ruskin's View

Hmmm...The view from the ancestral home and Kirkby Lonsdale's famous Ruskin's View (admired by Ruskin but painted by Turner).

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Anonymous said...

Nice pic Jules. Looking at the view from that path with the mark-one eyeball naturally draws the observer's attention to the farmer's [very] pink-painted barn (a reaction to a planning decision...bless!). Your lens doesn't lie, but it does reduce the visual impact of the structure in order to reveal what Ruskin was so expansive about.


P. Lewis said...

I think you might find that that pink building is the end of a rusting Dutch barn.

Nice view. It's all nice (almost) up that way, to be sure. But I prefer the view on the other side of the hill, in Dentdale. :-)

jules said...

P.Lewis: As anonymous said, it is a reaction to a planning decision. The barn is great; painted like a liquorice allsort. You are fortunate that you can afford to prefer Dentdale. So much of England is so ugly by comparison that to me it seems a bit churlish to be so particular.

David B. Benson said...

Sun actually shining in England?

Must be due to climate change...