Thursday, November 26, 2009

[jules' pics] 11/25/2009 08:09:00 PM

Jomyoji, one of the top five Zen temples of Kamakura has an English tea shoppe in its grounds. I have avoided it for 8 years, because English tea shoppes in Japan sell cakes that look realistic but taste of salt rather than of sugar. This is so crushingly disappointing that its better to avoid the places altogether. I thought the Zen temple version would be the worst of the worst, but I was wrong. Not only were the cakes actually sweet and the coffee quite acceptable, but the garden was actually very realistic too.

There was even an on-site bakery, which is what the picture is of.

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Steve Bloom said...

Well, OK, but are 17 loaves 34 times better than none? And how to account for the rolls?

James Annan said...

I can't tell you with certainty, but I can tell you with probability, if that helps :-)

takahide73 said...

I don't know a about english garden. but the garden in jomyoji was designed by english man :)

James Annan said...

Yes, we noticed that, there is a little info about him at the garden. It's a very pleasant and authentic English-style.