Friday, July 03, 2020

Ho hum

Haven't posted for a while, so how about a few minutes of James O'Brien to pass the time.


crandles said...

Not a relevant thread sorry but suspecting comments in previous months' posts disappear into moderation.

Active cases in US reached a low on Jun 4. Deaths possibly now showing an increase from about month later (perhaps still in doubt re July 4 holiday effects). Surprisingly long delay? Other countries showing more like 12 day delay.

Is this somehow due to different timing of peaks in different areas of US?

Or US treatments improving markedly in relevant period to keep deaths low despite increasing number of active cases?

Tempted to throw in US medical systems keeps people alive longer to extract more medical fees but that is perhaps a little unfair being unlikely to have sufficient effect to explain this.

or a combination of several different effects?

or .... ?

Phil said...

Also not relevant, sorry.

Making the assumption you know the people involved: Would you please pass on a comment those you might know on the project to request VISHOP to add an overlay for the 2010's average? If it would be hard to contact them, or you don't know who to contact, I understand. Thanks.

Arctic sea ice might be more interesting than usual this summer. NE passage is open now, July 14th.

Phil said...

Week later, WP has noticed.

Still early, but might be interesting.