Friday, October 16, 2015

kittens, anyone?

Riley and Blackie found a home while we were away. Hurrah! This one looks much more straightforward, don't you think? His name is Alfie, and he weighs only half what Blackie did. Consequently, his poos are only half the size. Double Hurrah! The only thing is that there are two of him. His slightly smaller other half is called Archie. But that's still only half the poo of Riley and Blackie put together, so must still be a good thing. 

They are much calmer than Riley - purr at the slightest provocation, will come and sit on laps to be tickled, and have not ripped up any of the furniture, yet. On the other hand, they are less dormant than Blackie, spending quite a lot of their time playing. Also unlike Blackie, they happily pee in their litter box rather than against the nearest wall. I don't know if it is a kitten thing or a brother thing, but they will both chase after toys together - Riley and Blackie used to strictly take turns like there was some kind of gentlemancat's agreement of one-cat one-toy one-time.

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Steve Bloom said...

Cute! I suspect they'll be permanently homed rather quickly. Luck to Riley and Blackie, and thanks again to the two of you for doing this.