Monday, October 19, 2015

[jules' pics] Rocky Mountains

James says I must start blogging pix from our recent trip to the USA.

Day 1: RMNP

Rocky Mtns from Boulder
View of mtns from Boulder.

Bear Lake, RMNP
Took Pops for a walk round Bear Lake and ate lunch half way round. No chance of seeing any bears as there were so many people. Day was overcast, but pleasant nevertheless. Americans on a day out come across as really quite strange because they seem unable to walk past without making a personal comment about the most extraordinary small details in the person walking towards them - aren't they supposed to be admiring the views? I think it must be because of the gun culture. As you approach their alien fear kicks in and they instinctively check to see whether the gun you are carrying is bigger than the one they are carrying (that's just a sandwich in his hand, but maybe his gun is under his hat), and then comes the personal comment as a kind of cover-up. 

Aspen and mtn
Drove dutifully along trail ridge road admiring mtns and aspens. Onslaught of weird comments continued. One bloke, clearly panicked by James' knuckle duster of a wedding ring, asked James if it meant he was an engineer. Eh?! Others told me my camera was "real serious", but even so I managed to restrain myself from shooting them with it.

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Mondoman said...

The "engineer" comment may have to do with the rather large and imposing class ring (known as the "Brass Rat") worn by most all graduates of MIT, among whom engineers are plausibly in the majority.