Sunday, January 11, 2015

Spam spam lovely spam

I'm sure most people get enough unwanted email that they don't really want to share mine, but this solicitation for a junk journal was more amusing than most. 

As well as the imaginative and tasteful use of colour in the email, I was particularly impressed by the number of digits they quote for the citation statistics. Wouldn't do to confuse this journal for one with a crappy impact factor of only 0.100!


Call for Papers Submission

Mitteilungen Klosterneuburg
ISSN: 0007-5922
Peer reviewed highly cited
ISI Indexed Journal

As a bimonthly interdisciplinary life science journal, we aim to publish scientific papers in all fields of the human and natural sciences.
The mission of the Journal is to promote excellence in leadership practice by providing a venue for academics, students, and practitioners to publish current and significant empirical and conceptual research in all fields of sciences. The journal covers a very wide range of areas and we welcome submission from researchers at all levels and from all over the world.
Impact Factor: 0.106
Immediacy Index: 0.019
Eigen factor TM Score: 0.00007

1 comment:

Hank Roberts said...

I suggest you clone the ad and change it slightly to say:

"we aim to publish scientific papers in all fields of the inhuman and unnatural sciences."

You could then sell movie rights ...