Monday, January 12, 2015

[jules' pics] man-at-work


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Steve Bloom said...

Rather more space than the old place.

I just peered a bit more closely and noticed that those crosses seem to be straining to leap downward to impale unsuspecting scientists. Regardless, they're a very odd architectural feature. What was the function of that room?

James Annan said...

The east end of The Old Chapel was...the bit where the altar etc was. The conversion added a floor in so we are much higher up and closer to the beams than the congregation would have been (and can see out of the windows properly). The downward-pointing bits are just decorative extras on the roof beams, it does give the impression of a giant spider up there!

Steve Bloom said...

So the two of you with your small, glowing altars are just continuing the tradition.

Yeah, those bits would look less out of place if higher up. But you don't think they're crosses?