Monday, November 03, 2014

Pot, meet kettle

Like suggesting that climate sensitivity might be 11C?


Carl C said...

I'm glad I can laugh at this now! ;-)

James Annan said...

So am I :-)

Steve Bloom said...

Thanks for the catch, I'd missed this one.

"I think alarmism on any issue is unhelpful."

So he said this to a Torygraph reporter with no apparent intended irony?

Steve Bloom said...

I saw a couple days ago but failed to keep a link to an article claiming that Myles' trillion-tonne limit is in the early lead to be the basis for the new climate treaty. Quite the feather in his cap if so, although it makes me deeply unhappy since I'm convinced it's way too much to avoid going over 2C. Speaking of which, a few weeks back the Bunny pointed to an official statement that makes it look like the U.S. government has already decided that 3C is going to be the limit. Unfortunate if true.