Saturday, November 22, 2014

[jules' pics] Travels

But where?!

It is a place where people have been known to lose their heads

And not just on the roads

Where bicycles are very important. (Although you actually see more of them being ridden in London).

Where the building that should be the opera house is actually the stock exchange

Where they have taken the Boris Bicycle concept several stages further...?

And where the picktur blogger is permanently drunk due to the local beverage coming in too large bottles; please scuse typos.

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EliRabett said...

Paris obviously, more detailed Place Diaghilev and around the Opera

James Annan said...

Eli wins the stale croissant! First pics taken from on top of the Galeries Lafayette, others during our various wanderings around town.

EliRabett said...

If you are still there Ms. Rabett can point you to an excellent mercerie with sewing and fiber arts supplies. Also a place with great buys on luggage and leather good. Both right in the neighborhood

Steve Bloom said...

Stale? Don't they have a law against that?