Tuesday, March 25, 2014

[jules' pics] Feeding the birds

We have a bird feeder each, set up in trees outside our "office" windows. James' healthy seed mix was quite popular, until I got ... a peanut feeder. It seems that like Westerners, birds prefer fatty food to healthy food. This is a coal tit getting its beak full.
coal tit
But today we had our perceptions realigned, when we realised that the peanuts are not the food after all. This is a Sparrowhawk, trying to look nonchalant after failing to catch a long tailed tit on the peanut feeder.

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thefordprefect said...

The sparrow hawk may be a pretty bird (good photo). But it has wrecked our birdfeeding!!
We got a special feeder for niger seeds attracting flocks of up to 20 Goldfinches. The feeder needed filling weekly.
Then we had a sparrow hawk take up residence feeding on our fattened small birds.

This year we have seen a few finches but mainly pigeons crows and pheasants - the rest are too scared to feed here any more!! Still have most of the niger seed left in the bag.

James Annan said...

Now you mention it, we haven't seen the goldfinches for some time. But neither has the sparrowhawk returned, and there are plenty of other visitors, including perhaps a forthcoming pic...I won't spoil the anticipation...

frances jane said...

What an excellent photo! He (or is it she with that pink scarf?) looks quite disappointed.

jules said...

He, I think.