Tuesday, March 25, 2014

BlueSkiesResearch.org.uk: Cloudy lock-in


Posted: 23 Mar 2014 03:20 PM PDT
Some scientific meetings, like the EGU or AGU, are attended by thousands and open to anyone prepared to pay the registration fee. Then there are the other sort of meeting; workshops. My fertile imagination likes to call them, “lock-ins”, as it sometimes seems like the plan is to get 30 or so scientists together, lock them in a castle, and only unlock the door when they have achieved something.
In this case, my imagination is closer than usual to being literally true.
Here’s the castle,
My bedroom is on the 3rd floor of this tower!

It is also snowing, which is quite fitting as it not only adds to the feeling of isolation (some attendees arrived un-Germanly late after braving the elements) but all this cloud fits in very well with the theme of the workshop – clouds, circulation and climate sensitivity.


Steve Bloom said...

There's nothing un-Germanly about hiking in the snow. It's even a bit of a grand challenge, one might say. If anyone failed to make it back, hopefully the rest of you felt properly encouraged.

I see from Tuesday: "What if the Earth had an adaptive infrared iris?" As the phrase goes here in Upper Mexico, dice que?

Even though all I could get from the program was presenter names and subjects, overall it looks likely to have been a great event.

Still JAMSTEC, though? Hopefully that means they paid. :)

Steve Bloom said...

Clearly hinting is insufficient. Did anything of interest to the unwashed get discussed?

jules said...

The unwashed... who are they?

Possibly they are me; there was an inordinate amount of laundry to be done upon my return home.

But now most things are washed I intend to write another blog post - when I've worked out what to say.

Patience woodpecker.

Steve Bloom said...

Well, you got invited to the conf so you're not unwashed yet (although unless they did a really good job of insulating that place one might be tempted to minimize bathing given the apparent outside temp).

L'etat-tat-tats, c'est moi.