Saturday, July 27, 2013

[jules' pics] Our new pets

Yellow Hornet
Yellow Hornet
Yellow Hornet
Yellow Hornet
So now I know how all those hornet pics on the interweb were taken (Google Images for "Japanese hornet" to see them). Most of those are of the monstrous Osuzumebachi not our cutey wee kirosuzumebachi which are only the size of the hornets they have in normal countries...

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Hank Roberts said...

"Wasp Farm" by Howard Ensign Evans is a wonderful read, if you'd like to know more about these beasts and how (and when, where, if, and why) it's sometimes possible to coexist with them.

Pity that nest, next to a public thoroughfare is bad news for the wasps.

I've done fine with wasp nests when I was the only human regularly passing by -- and did so slowly, repeatedly, and unthreateningly. Their face recognition could probably teach our NSA a few things, and their ability to identify known non-threats after a while is remarkable. The wasps that is.