Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[jules' pics] B&W

Both sorts of pixels in Yellowstone - B&W and colour - here are some black and white ones.

Crispy white Mammoth Terraces

Cloudy castle geyser (tiny boardwalking peoples in background)

Trying to lead the inlaws to the wolves (no bodies to ship back if they be et!)
Scopers scoping for wolves.
No one saw the wolf and so the inlaws survived another day.

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Rattus Norvegicus said...

You used to be able to see wolves from the Cooke City Road (212) through the Lamar Valley pretty easily. The last five or six years, not so much. 10 years ago there were probably twice as many wolves as the current 100 or so in the park. But as the elk and wolf populations have come into balance it has gotten harder to spot them...

James Annan said...

We've never had the patience and enthusiasm for serious wolf-watching - there is always so much to see in a short time, it's tempting to rush around too much. The photos above were in the Hayden valley where we did (barely) spot a wolf last time.